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We started by selling OEM audio systems and equipment, after which, step by step, we asked and have been asked for, in Europe and beyond, by renowned trade names, for taking over distribution and sales of professional Audio/Video/Lights equipment across Romania; we successfully represent these brands even today.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of brand names for which we are distributors and exclusive dealers:



Staging Tech


Crest Audio (USA) DeSisti (Italy) Butec (Germany) Sony Professional
Symetrix (USA) SGM (Italy) Milos (Czech Republic) Samsung Display
Rane (USA) Griven (Italy) Adam Hall (Germany) Shotoku
AJA (USA) Martin (Denmark) Fantek Aja
MXL (USA) Const (China)     Data Video
AUDIX (USA) Electron (Greece)     Cartoni
RCF (Italy)         Adeo Groupe
Peavey (USA)            
Premier (USA)            
Paiste (Switzerland)            
Armybeat (China)            
Australian Monitor (Australia)            
Yamaha (Germany)            
Listen Technologies (USA)