AQUA Marine 580 Beam


Corrosion-Resistant versions of AQUA 580 Beam, AQUA Marine 580 Beam can provide superior resistance to a wider range of corrosive media, making them ideal for use on projects close to the seashore or in seawater.
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Input Voltages Control
100-240V AC, 50/60Hz International DMX512, 5 pins(optional 3 pins) interface
RDM control protocol
Power Consumption Short mode 22 channels, standard mode 26 channels and extended mode 30 channels
800W@220V Self-test mode
Light Source Other Functions
PHILIPS MSD Platinum 25R (550W), (7,800K, 1,500 hrs) Adjustable pan & tilt speed
Optional: OSRAM SIRIUS HRI 550W XL, (7,500K, 1,500 hrs) LCD display screen
Fixture and lamp usage time display
Strobe Modular structure for easy maintenance
Double shutter blades, 0.3-25 F.P.S DMX512 wireless receiver
DMX512 wireless transmitter(optional)
0-100% linearly dimming hysical
Housing: cast aluminum and high temperature UV resistant ABS, IP66
CTO Ambient temperature: maximum 45°C
Independent 0-100% linear CTO
Prism/Frost Net weight: 40Kg
Three prisms(standard: 8-facet circular+4-facetlinear+16-facet circular prisms),
bi-directional rotation with variable speeds,1combined frost filter Packaging
Standard: 815x725x700(mm)
Focus Optional: flight case
DMX linear focus
Head Movement G clamp, 2 pcs
Pan 540°, tilt 270° with auto position correction 5 Pins XLR connector, 1 set
Safety cord, 1 pc
Light Angle Power cord, 1 pc
Beam angle: 2° Optional: Ω clamp, 2 pcs


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