ARC LED 1572


ARC LED 1572 is a new launched exterior architectural luminaire, with two independent heads. It features 72 pcs of Philips 15W LEDs(RGBW 4 in 1), color temperture linear adjustment, combined with 4 individual areas control, 37° x 57° square light, rating IP67. It’s ideal for medium and large scale stadiums, architectural lighting, theme parks, etc.


Input Voltages Other Functions
100-240V AC, 50/60Hz LED board temperature display
Fixture usage time display
Power Consumption Brightness level control
1080W@230V Timer control
DMX mode, setting status
Light Source operation mode and user memory data can be transmitted by synchronous control
PHILIPS 72x15W(RGBW 4 in 1), 50,000 hrs DMX512 wireless receiver(optional)
DMX512 wireless transmitter(optional)
Electronic strobe, 0-25 F.P.S(pulse strobe effect) Physical
Housing: high-intensity die-casting aluminum, IP67
Dimmer Ambient working temperature: -20°C~40°C
0-100% linearly adjustable
Light Angle Net weight: 46kg
Beam angle(1/2peak) θ1/2 : 14°
Field angle(1/10peak) θ1/10 : 37° x 57° Packaging
Standard: carton 968x718x393(mm)
Control Optional: flight case 1095x520x652(mm)
International DMX512, 3 pins(optional 5 pins) interface
Standard mode 10 channels and extended mode 23 channels Accessories
Master-slave mode, stand-alone mode, test mode G clamp, 2 pcs
16 Preset memories, 16 user memories XLR cable, 1 pc
Preset memories and user memories can be loaded by control channels Safety cord, 1pc
16 level speeds adjustable Optional: omega clamp, 2 pcs


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