ARC LED 3216


ARC LED 3216 is a new launched exterior architectural luminaire, with two independent heads. It features 216 pcs of Philips 3W LEDs(RGBW, RGBL, RGBA and RGWA), color temperture linear adjustment, amazing wash effect with rating IP67. It’s ideal for medium and large scale stadiums, architectural lighting, theme parks, etc.


Input Voltages Other Functions
100-240V AC, 50/60Hz LED board temperature display
Fixture usage time display
Power Consumption Brightness level control
700W@220V Timer control
DMX mode, setting status
Light Source operation mode and user memory data can be transmitted by synchronous control
PHILIPS 216x3W(RGBW, RGB/Lemon, RGB/Amber, RGW/Amber), 50,000 hrs DMX512 wireless receiver(optional)
DMX512 wireless transmitter(optional)
Electronic strobe, 0.5-33 F.P.S Physical
Housing: high-intensity die-casting aluminum, IP67
Dimmer Ambient working temperature: -20°C~40°C
0-100% linearly adjustable
Light Angle Net weight: 30kg
Beam angle(1/2peak) θ1/2 : 9°
Control Standard: carton 815x785x420(mm)
International DMX512, 3 pins interface Optional: flight case
Standard mode 6 channels and extended mode 11 channels,
HIS mode 5 channels and HSIC mode 6 channels Accessories
Master-slave mode, test mode G clamp, 2 pcs
16 Preset memories, 16 user memories Signal adapter cord, 2 pc
Preset memories and user memories can be loaded by control channels Safety cord, 1pc           Optional: omega clamp, 2 pcs


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