This is high temperature resistant and high-brightness luminaire equipped with a 250W LED lamp. It features color wheel, gobo wheel, animation flame effect wheel, two prisms, 8°~40° zoom, rating IP65, etc. It’s widely applied in multi-scale of locations.


Input Voltages Control
100V~240V AC,50/60Hz International DMX512, 3 pins(optional 5 pins) interface
Short mode 14 channels, standard mode 17 channels, and extended mode 19 channels
Power Consumption Master-slave mode
350W@220V Preset memories and user memory mode
Light Source Other Functions
250W white LED(6,500k), 50,000 hrs LCD panel
Over temperature protection
Strobe Fast and convenient software upgrade via DMX512 interface
Electronic strobe, 0-25 F.P.S(preset pulse strobe effect)
Dimmer Housing: high-intensity die-casting aluminum, IP65
0-100% linear adjustment Ambient working temperature: -20°C~40°C
Prism Weight
Two prisms(3-facet prism and 4-facet prism), bi-drectionally rotating Net weight: 18.5kg
Effect Packaging
1 Flame effect wheel, with bi-directional rotation, animation wheel is replaceable Standard: carton 600x375x345(mm)
Optional: flight case 830x555x440(mm), 2 in 1
Light Angle
Beam angle(1/2 peak)θ1/2: 8°~40° Accessories
C clamp, 1 pc
Focus Signal adapter cord, 2 pcs
DMX linear focus Power cord, 1 pc
Safety cord, 1 pc
DMX linear zoom


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