PLANET is the answer for with tight 3.3° beams and a wide far-reaching quality wash in compact housing. It fixtures 7 pcs 60W RGBW LEDs with PR patented optics especially developed for a high output in any stage and the spectacular zoom range of 3.3° to 60°. For the next level, individual control of each LED pixel and attractive colorful chases provide “Kaleidoscope” effects both to look at and in the air.
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Light Source
OSRAM 7x60W LEDs(RGBW, 4 in 1), 2700K~10000K, 50000 hrs Short mode 26 channels, standard mode 30 channels and extended mode 54 channels
Input Voltages Other Functions
100V~240V AC, 50/60Hz
DMX512 wireless receiver, (optional: DMX512 wireless transmitter)
Ring control, pixel control, each color of RGBW of a LED lamp controllable
Power Consumption
600W@220V Housing
High-temperature-resistant engineering plastic
Strobe IP20
Electronic strobe, 0-25 F.P.S, preset pulse strobe effect
Net Weight
Dimmer 14kg
0-100% linearly adjustable
Rainbow, Effect modes(kaleidoscope, swirl), multiple macros
Light Angle
(1/2 peak)­θ1/2, linear zoom: 3.3°~ 60°
Head Movement
Pan 540°, tilt 210° with auto-positioning
DMX512, 5 pins(optional 3 pins) intereface


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