TANGO 100 Beam


Tango 100 Beam is a highly performing beam light using 80W LED with ingress protection up to IP66 for indoor and outdoor applications. Its narrowest beam is 2 degrees and luminous flux 73000lum@5m. It has 1 color wheel, 5-facet prism and other effects. With the highly performing optical system, it has rotating solid beams with multiple colors and sub-beams.


Input voltage Beam angle
100V~240V AC,50/60Hz 2.0°
Input power Control
640W@220V AC International standard DMX512 signal control protocol
and 5 pin interfaces
Light Source Standard mode 8 channels
80W White LED(6200K),20000hrs
Dimmer Housing
Linear Dimmer from 0-100% Cast Aluminum , high temperature/anti-UV ABS, IP65
Focus Net weight
DMX linear focusing 9.0Kg
Strobe Operation temperature
Electronic Strobe 0-25FP.S. with preset strobe pulse effect Maximum ambient temperature 40°C


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