TANGO 680 Spot DE


Tango 680 SPOT DE is a waterproof water wave spot fixture using 500 W white LED engine with ingress protection up to IP 66 and a high performance fixture that can be used in different places indoors and outdoors. Its highly performing optical system produces vivid dynamic water wave effects, clear images with sharp edges and much less distortion and plenty of other visual effects together with other functions.


Input voltage Beam angle
200V~240V AC,50/60Hz linear zoom  6°- 50° with 16 bit function
Input power Control
640W@220V AC DMX512 , 5 pin interfaces
RDM control protocol
Light Source 14 channels in short mode, 17 channels in standard mode
500W White LED(9000K),20000hrs, Ra≥70( Option: Ra≥90) and 19 channels in extended mode
Master/Slave synchronized mode
Prism Stand-alone mode
1pc of 3 facet circular prism
Bi-directional rotation with variable speeds and indexing function Other function
1pc of 4 facet linear prism Total hours displayable
Bi-directional rotation with variable speeds and indexing function English and Chinese menus
Built-in sensor diagnostic system
Effect wheel Software versions displayable
1 double effect wheel Input signal isolation
both rotating in the same direction or opposite one with variable speeds Modular Structure for easy maintenance
Water wave Wheel Housing
1pcs, bi-directional rotation with variable speeds High temperature ABS+ High tensile cast aluminum , IP66
Focus Operation Temperature
DMX linear Focusing Highest ambient temperature 45℃
Note: If the ambient temperature is below -20℃
Dimmer reset a projector before pre-heating it for more than 30 minutes
0-100% Linear adjustment
Strobe Net weight
Electronic strobe, 0.3~25 F.P.S 28.5 Kg


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