TANGO 750 Framing



Input Voltages Tilt
100V~240V AC,50/60Hz 270°
Input Power Beam Angle
750W@220V AC  790W @ 100V AC linear zoom 5°~ 40° with 16 bit function
Power factor: PF>0.9
Light Source Control
500W White LED (9000K), 20000hrs,Ra≥70( Option: Ra≥90) DMX512, 5 pin interfaces
RDM control protocol
Colors 27channels in short mode,30channels in standard mode and 45channels in extended mode
CMY linear mixing system with macros Master/Slave synchronized mode
1 color wheel: 7 exchangeable colors+ Open Stand-alone mode

Half color effect, rainbow effect with bi-directional and variable speeds

Stepping/linear color changing
CTO Other Function
0-100% linear CTO  

Total hours displayable

English and Chinese menus
Gobo/Framing Built-in sensor diagnostic system

1 Rotating Gobo Wheels: 8 replaceable gobos+ Open, Glass or Metal Gobo

Software versions displayable
Bi-directional Rotation with variable speeds Input signal isolation
With Indexing Function Modular Structure for easy maintenance
Gobo Shake Effect with Variable Speeds
Bi-directional Scrolling with Variable Speeds
Prism Housing

1pc of 4 facet prism , Bi-directional rotation with variable speeds and indexing function

High temperature ABS+ High tensile cast aluminum , IP66
Frost Net Weight
1pc frost filter, linear frost effect( 0%-100%) 32Kg
Effect Wheel  

Operation Temperature


1pc, replaceable, bi-directional rotation with variable speeds

Highest ambient temperature 45℃

Note: If the ambient temperature is below -20 ° C,

Focus reset a projector before pre-heating it for more than 30 minutes
DMX linear Focusing
Dimmer Accessories
0-100% Linear adjustment User manual 0 Pc QR code
Safety cord 1 Pc

1framing module rotates between 0°- 90°and produces graphics of different shapes and sizes

Standard: carton 665x575x665(mm)
4 framing blades can produce full curtain effect
Double shutter blades, 0.3~25 F.P.S


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