XRLED 700-W BWS is a Three in One(Beam, Spot and Wash modes) fixture using 350W LED engine. Super wide front lens 148mm, wide and linear beam angle 4°~40°, up to 30000lux at distance of 10m. The light source has long life, lower power consumption, high luminous efficacy, instantaneous striking without cooling and other advantages and is environmentally friendly. As for dimmer, strobe and other effects, it has some advantages which can’t be exceeded by HID light sources.
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Input voltages
Fan mode
100V~240V AC, 50/60Hz Standard mode and theater modes. Theater mode is quiet mode
Input Power Control
550W @ 220V DMX512, 5 pin interfaces
RDM protocol and DMX wireless control(optional sACN protocol)
Light source Ethernet Protocol
350W, White LED module, CRI : Ra≥70 25channels in short mode, 30channels in standard mode,
35channels in extended mode
Master/Slave mode
Linear CTO (0-100%) Stand-Alone mode
Master mode
1pc, 3-facet circular prism, bi-directional rotation at variable speeds, Other functions
indexble. Other optional prisms are available. Adjustable Pan & Tilt speeds
Pan and Tilt invertible and swappable
Frost Lamp’ s and fixture’ s hours displayed
0-100% linear with 1pc frost filter Color touch Chinese/English screen, display invertible and  touch keys
Intelligently controllable fans
Focus Sensor diagnostic system
DMX linear focus Input signal isolated, modular construction for easy
maintenance, DMX channel voltages monitoring
Zoom Non-touchable magnetic sensor for positioning,
DMX linear focus signal feedback, absolute position memory, auto-positioning
after power-off or DMX signal disrtuption
Iris Firmware upgrade via DMX cable
5-100% linear with macros
Optional ethernet port
Strobe Housing
Electronic strobe 0.2~25 F.P.S, optional pulse, High temperature ABS, IP20
synchronized or non-synchronized strobe at slow,
medium and fast speeds Weight
Head movement
Pan 540º, Tilt 270º with auto position correction Ambient temperature
Temperature at maximum 40°C
Beam angle
Beam/Spot Mode: 4°- 40° Linear Adjustment
Wash Mode: 5°- 45° Linear Adjustment
With 16 bit control function


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