XR 380 Beam


XR 380 Beam is an energy saving and environmentally friendly Beam fixture with low power consumption, high luminous efficacy. It has a solid beam with sharp edge, long projecting distance and luminance up to 480,000 lux at distance of 10 meters. It’s compact and with low weight and has fast head movements. Its light source has long life, low power consumption, high luminous efficacy and other advantages.

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Input voltage Beam angle
100V~240V AC,50/60Hz 0°~2.3°, Linear zoom
Input power Control
550W@100V,500W@220V DMX512 and 5 pin interfaces
17channels in short mode, 19channels in standard mode 21 channels in extended mode
Light Source Adjustable mode
Phlips MSD Platinum Flex 300S(7800K, 6000hrs)
Other functions
Prism/Effect wheel Adjustable Pan & Tilt speed
3Prisms: standard: individual 8-facet prism; Fixture and lamp usage time display
16-facet prism+ linear prism+ Frost + Open Modular construction for easy maintenance
(bi-directional rotation) DMX512 wireless receiver
(Optional 3-16 facet prism or gradient prism) DMX512 wireless transmitter (optional)
Focus Housing
0-100% linearly adjustable by DMX Composite plastic, IP20
Strobe Weight
Double shutter blades, 0.3~20 F.P.S 18 Kg
Head movement
Pan 540º, Tilt 270º with auto position correction


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